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  • Players can acquire the following items in these bundles: The Naruto & Kakashi Bundle: includes Naruto Uzumaki Outfit (with Seventh Hokage variant Style), Scroll Back Bling, Kakashi Hatake (with Black Ops Kakashi variant Style), Pakkun Back Bling, and the Pizza Eating Jutsu Loading Screen The Sasuke & Sakura Bundle: Includes Sasuke Uchiha (with the Sword of Kusanagi Pickaxe), Demon Wind Shuriken Back Bling, Snake Sword Pickaxe, Sakura Haruno (with Sakura Uchiha variant Style), Hidden Leaf Cloak Back Bling, and the Team 7 Loading Screen The Shinobi Gear Bundle: includes Ramen Break Emote, Summoning Jutsu Emote, Kunai Pickaxe, Black Ops Sword Pickaxe and Hidan’s Scythe Pickaxe.

  • Naruto gets the Seventh Hokage Style while Sakura receives the Sakura Uchicha Style and Kakashi gets the Black Ops Kakashi Style.

  • There’s also new Back Bling like Pakkun, the Demon Wind Shuriken, Hidden Leaf Cloak and Scroll.

Naruto And The Rest Of Team 7 Arrive On The Fortnite Island

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