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  • Starting with Castle of Wolfenstein and spanning all the way to the original Halo, this exploration leaves no game unexamined. It’s excellently crafted, both in its physical appearance and the information it contains. It takes a broad chronological journey through the history of the FPS genre, honing in on the most crucial 20-year period.

  • A total of 180 games released during the crucial decade of FPS gaming are thoroughly covered. The book is large and skillfully bound, featuring glossy pages that enhance the vibrancy of the screenshots.

  • The writing is top-notch and captivating, showing that the author put a lot of passion into it! Despite being a big fan of the genre for my entire life, there are numerous games in this book that I hadn’t come across before, and that’s exactly what the author aimed for. Thanks to Bitmap Books for sending in a review copy.

Rating: 5/5

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