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  • Pokmon Sun & Moon are both exclusive to Nintendo’ 3DS and 2DS systems, and will introduce the Alola region – a gentle riff off of Hawaii, as the name not so subtly suggests – while marking the first all-new mainline Pokmon game since 2013’s X & Y. A new video introduced the starter Pokmon, with grass and flying type owl-like creature Rowlet, fire type Litten – an adorable black kitten – and water type Popplio, an acrobatic sea lion.

  • Pokmon Sun & Moon will be available simultaneously in multiple languages, and players can transfer Pokmon from the original games via their Virtual Console versions, a feature previously announced when Sun & Moon was first unveiled.

  • The Pokmon Company has revealed new details on Pokmon Sun & Moon, the latest instalments in the phenomenally successful RPG series, showing off the starter Pokmon players will be setting out their adventures with and announcing both games are set to release in Europe on November 23rd – some five days after they’re out in North America.

Here are the Starter Pokémon for Pokémon Sun/Moon

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