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  • That’s not to say games should be forbidden from showing suicide at all, or that they can’t handle it with the right intentions.

  • Perhaps it’s not just games that need to be subject to a rethink, but the guidelines as well.

  • The unique and surreal settings mean that suicide in that context isn’t something a player is likely to relate to.

  • World Suicide Day, marked on September 10 in the UK, was a reminder of the threat suicide bears in our everyday lives.

  1. Hard to say right or wrong when suicide exists. However, there are many ways to relieve pressures of actually doing something that cannot be undone. If video games can allow humans an escape to release anger, distraught, crime, and other harmful needs, then with all due respect due these things in a video game type world. In the world of reality these harmful things can only be done once and have supreme consequences. Hashtag give game makers a break because their art can be anothers chance to live more peacefully.

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